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Wine Country Chiropractic offers massage therapy services in Temecula CA.

Massage therapy eases pain, reduces stress, and enhances well-being. Wine Country Chiropractic has a reputation for providing the best massage therapy in Temecula CA. Mark Banasiak, DC, and the team of licensed massage therapists take a holistic approach to care, designing treatment plans that match your unique health needs and goals. To learn more about massage therapy at Wine Country Chiropractic, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Massage Therapy Q&A in Temecula CA

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a form of medicine that involves manipulating your body’s soft tissue to reduce pain, ease tension, and improve circulation.

At Wine Country Chiropractic, the team includes licensed massage therapists who have hours of training and experience and a reputation for providing the best massages in the area.

What are the types of massage therapy?

The massage therapists at Wine Country Chiropractic may use various techniques when manipulating your soft tissue based on your needs and health goals. The types of massage therapy include:

  • Swedish Massage - Swedish massage is the most common type of massage therapy. During a Swedish massage, the therapist uses soft, long, kneading strokes and tapping to relieve muscle tension and stress. This type of massage is relaxing and energizing.
  • Deep Tissue Massage - If you have a painful spot, your massage therapist at Wine Country Chiropractic may perform a deep tissue massage. With this type of massage, the therapist uses deep strokes to release the tightness in the deep layers of your muscles and tendons. The team may recommend a deep-tissue massage to relieve back pain from a muscle strain.
  • Sports Massage - A sports massage is similar to a deep tissue massage. However, during this type of massage, your therapist focuses on the muscles and tendons you use the most during physical activity. A sports massage may reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery after an intense workout or sporting event.
  • Trigger Point Massage - A trigger point, also known as a muscle knot, is a tightened band of connective tissue that causes pain and stiffness. During a trigger point massage, the therapist uses intense pressure and short strokes to work out the knot, easing your pain and restoring your range of motion. Trigger points are common overuse injuries.

Who benefits from massage therapy?

Everyone benefits from massage therapy. However, the team at Wine Country Chiropractic may include massage therapy as part of your treatment plan to manage your:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Sports Injury
  • Joint pain

In addition to working out the tight muscles, massage therapy also eases pain by reducing stress, tension, and anxiety. It may also improve sleep.

Whether for pain or wellness, the massage therapists at Wine Country Chiropractic can provide the right treatment for you. Schedule an appointment by calling the office or booking online today.



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