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Back Pain services offered in Temecula, CA

Though many people experience back pain at some point during their life, you shouldn’t dismiss this pain as "normal". At Wine Country Chiropractic in Temecula, California, Mark S. Banasiak, DC, and the team provide many innovative therapies to ease back pain, promote healing, and improve health.

Many doctors regulaly provide anti-inflammatory medicines and muscle relaxers to treat low back pain.  Think about it, it is likely that your back pain is NOT due to you lacking these medicines.  Medicines which actually mask your problem.

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Back Pain Q & A

What causes back pain?

You can develop back pain from any number of causes, including an injury, overuse, poor posture, or an underlying medical condition. Primarily, when the spine does not move and line up properly, regular daily activity can cause back pain.

Common back pain causes include:

Strains and sprains

When you use your back to lift heavy objects, you risk injury to the muscles, ligaments, or tendons that support the structure and function of your back.  Moreover, anything you do repetitively such as sitting, commuting, working at a desk, and more strains ligaments and tendons and muscles.  Strains and sprains are common causes of back pain. 

Disc problems

Bulging and herniated discs may occur from an acute injury or the degenerative changes that affect these discs as you get older. These disc problems may irritate or compress a spinal nerve or the spinal cord, causing various types of painful symptoms, such as Sciatica.

Structural problems

Changes in the spine as you get older may result in structural problems that cause pain, such as spinal stenosis. 


Arthritis that is not treated with an approach to support the remaining healthy portion of the joint and connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves is a common cause of back pain. 


Sciatica (lumbar radiculopathy) is a common back pain condition that develops from compression of the sciatic nerve. This compression could be from the disc, the bone's misalignment and even compression from surrounding tendons, ligaments and muscles.

When should I seek chiropractic care for back pain?

You should seek chiropractic care for your back pain if you want treatments that focus on healing the underlying cause of your discomfort. The experts at Wine Country Chiropractic treat acute and chronic back pain.

Acute back pain

Acute back pain develops from a known injury or even without reason seemingly,  causing discomfort that lasts weeks and months. Getting treatment for this short-term pain may prevent your injury from turning into a chronic pain condition.

Chronic back pain

Chronic back pain technically refers to pain that lasts three or more months. This type of pain may develop after an injury or from an underlying condition such as improper alignment and motion of the spine, inactivity causing imbalance in the body, arthritis, sciatica, or spinal stenosis.

What happens during a back pain evaluation?

The team at Wine Country Chiropractic takes an integrative approach to care, focusing on your lifestyle, not your back pain, conducting comprehensive evaluations to assess your whole health.  

They ask detailed questions about your pain, including when it started, the location, and the types of symptoms you feel. The team reviews your medical history, daily routine, usual diet, and exercise habits.  Your exam in our office will likely be MORE comprehensive than any exam you've ever had.  Also, we believe it is important that the patient understands the important aspects of treatment:  WHAT is wrong? CAN you help? WHAT will we do? How long will we treat?  What will my out-of-pocket expenses be?

They perform a physical exam and on-site X-rays if needed. 

How is back pain treated?

The Wine Country Chiropractic team customizes your back pain treatment plan based on the underlying cause of your discomfort, the severity of your pain, and your overall health.

The team takes a holistic approach to care, incorporating treatments that benefit your whole health, not just your back pain. Your plan may include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage therapy
  • Lumbar Decompression Therapy
  • Active Release Techniques® (ART®)
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
  • Custom orthotics
  • Foam rollers
  • Orthopedic pillows
  • Sombra® gel 

Your provider uses X-rays to educate you about your condition and the best treatments to reduce your pain and heal your body.

For a comprehensive approach to back pain, call Wine Country Chiropractic or schedule an appointment online today.